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Parc for Nation    31-Mar-2021
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parc Policy Advocacy Research Centre (PARC) under the flagship of Vivek Vyaspeeth is a platform for bringing various stakeholders in policy-making viz. Government, Bureaucracy, Corporates, small and medium scale entrepreneurs, businessmen, experts in various related fields, academicians, NGOs, and other concerned institutions and individuals to form, evaluate and revise various policies affecting society and evaluate them based on the interest of the nation and citizens.
Vivek Vyaspeeth for over 20 years, has been operational in the social, cultural, educational, health, and other related domains of society through its myriad of events organized individually as well as in collaboration with various organizations and individuals.
PARC was envisaged to initiate a structured dialogue between various stakeholders on various policy matters at the state & central level. The intent was to make effective use of various civil society platforms to highlight various issues and suggest action-oriented solutions which can shape the growth trajectory of the economy and contribute to the development of the nation.
Vivek Vyaspeeth
• Vision: Enhancing life through media, research and activism
• An NGO Trust, founded in 1997, with a mission towards addressing holistic socio-economic & socio-cultural development
• Strong focus towards empowerment of stakeholders on targeted issues with the final goal of creating stakeholder ownership
• Creating narratives to build public discourse, assisting in building national development-oriented doctrine
• Widespread impact-based research & execution in rural & urban environments