Report Launch WARSA - Waste As Resource by changing Stakeholders' Approach

Parc for Nation    31-Mar-2021
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WARSA Launch Event Schedu
Event hosted by Policy Advocacy Research Centre, India
September 25, 2021 At 12:00 PM IST
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The ‘Solid Waste Management Sector’, with tremendous opportunities, currently faces immense challenges to streamline the end-to-end solid waste value chain operations and reverse logistics. When we analyzed the sector and interacted with many eminent experts & leaders in the sector, and value chain stakeholders we realized the need for stakeholder-centric, inclusive research to establish a dialogue between the interlinked but collaboratively distinct stakeholders. Globally, data transparency and organizational governances are the unmet need and prominent gaps to address with the solid waste management sector. When gaining access to credible data, key elements of WARSA may help in designing the required interventions in behaviorally addressing the issue.
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We are honored to have dignitaries presenting their views on the following topics.
    Ms. Aafrin Kidwai, Editor-In-Chief, SolidWasteIndia.
    Topic- Role of active media as a building block of the Solid Waste Management Sector.
    Dr. Amiya Sahu, Founder of National Solid Waste Association of India.
    Topic-Solid Waste Management in India perspective.
    Mr. Ehsan Gadawala, Director, MRAI.
    Topic- Recycling challenges and the role of inclusive strategies for increased efficiencies.
    Mr. Prabhjot Sodhi, Country Program Manager, CEE.
    Topic- Role of institutions and academia in the waste supply chain for waste management.
    Mr. Ramdas Kokare, CO, KDMC.
    Topic- Achieving the source segregation at municipal levels- Key Strategies.
    Mr. Sandeep Asolkar, Managing Director at SFC Environmental Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
    Topic- Challenges in Growth of MSW in India.
    Mr. Ulhas Parlikar, Global Consultant,(Strategies for Waste Management, Circular Economy, Policy Advocacy, AFRs, and Co-processing).
    Topic- Industrial Symbiosis for Circular Economy.
We look forward to welcoming you to the event.
Yours Sincerely,
Team PARC.