The Jammu Kashmir Division plays a significant role in contributing to the formulation of government policies by providing valuable insights & research findings. The operational scope spans diverse sectors, harnessing its specialized knowledge to guide policy formulation and tackle critical challenges. In seamless collaboration with industry bodies, the division actively spearheads research initiatives that not only push the boundaries of scientific understanding but also address tangible real-world issues. By fostering robust connections with both industry and government stakeholders, the division propels sustainable financial growth while fortifying relationships.

The division’s prowess lies in its a comprehensive approach towards policy advocacy, socio-economic development, and the empowerment of human resources for positive and impactful change. Through robust engagements with governmental bodies, industry stakeholders, and internal teams, the division serves as a vital link between research, policy, and practical application. In doing so, it broadens the impact of the Policy Advocacy Research Centre (PARC) initiatives to yield meaningful results.


To establish the Jammu Kashmir Division at the Policy Advocacy Research Centre as a beacon of knowledge, fostering inclusive and sustainable development in the region. We aspire to be a catalyst for positive socio-economic & socio-cultural development through rigorous research, informed advocacy, and collaborative partnerships.


To conduct cutting-edge research that addresses the unique challenges and opportunities in the region. We are dedicated to generating evidence-based insights and policy recommendations that contribute to informed decision-making and progressive governance. Our commitment extends to empowering local communities, fostering dialogue, and advocating for policies that promote social equity, economic development, and environmental sustainability. By engaging with diverse stakeholders, we aim to be a trusted source of knowledge, driving positive transformations for the betterment of the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir and its people.


  • Delivering research-based submissions for policy framing and development-related issues:
  • Catalyzing socio-economic growth through actionable measures and suggestions to enhance productivity across diverse sectors
  • Assessing the effectiveness of initiatives, evaluating the impact of changes, and designing recommendations for improvement
  • Establishing collaborative relationships with key stakeholders and decision-makers to drive socio-economic development
  • Empowering human capital by imparting skill sets to boost employability, entrepreneurship, and institutional efficiency
  • Offering solution-oriented, constructive methods of advocacy to catalyze positive change


  • Provide informed and well-researched input to contribute to the formulation of policies and address matters related to development.
  • Actively promote and facilitate measures that lead to the growth of the economy, with a focus on implementing practical steps to increase productivity in various sectors.
  • Regularly evaluate ongoing initiatives, analyze the impact of changes introduced, and propose recommendations for enhancing their effectiveness.
  • Foster partnerships and alliances with important stakeholders and decision-makers to actively contribute to the advancement of socio-economic development.
  • Enhance the capabilities of the workforce by providing them with the necessary skills, thereby increasing employability, fostering entrepreneurship, and improving the efficiency of institutions.
  • Advocate for positive change by presenting well-thought-out, solution-oriented methods that address challenges and contribute to overall improvement.


  • Research based Policy Creation, Interventions and Analysis
  • Catalysing investment & Enabling Socio-Economic Development
  • Training & Capacity Building of a range of stakeholders
  • Supporting the development of market linkages
  • Providing need-based technological interventions
  • Impact Assessment of Schemes and Developmental Projects


    • Sound understanding of the ground
    • Strong organic networks
    • Strong Stakeholder engagement
    • Multi-level strategic thinking
    • Proactive problem-solving
    • Collaboration and engagement
    • Expertise in market knowledge
    • Commitment to creating sustainable and impactful change across various domains



    • Jammu & Kashmir Sports Policy 2022 (in collaboration with the Department of Youth Services & Sports and the JK Sports Council)
    • A Case Study of Creating Market Linkages for Potatoes from Gurez Valley in Kashmir: A case of Demand Pull Catalyzation
    • Value Chain Development and Trade facilitation through Market Linkages in the union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir (in collaboration with the JKHPMC & Directorate of Agriculture- Kashmir)
    • Impact Assessment of the Initiatives Undertaken In 2022-2023 to Promote Gurez As A Tourist Destination (In collaboration with District Administration of Bandipora)
    • PARC Activities in the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir – A summary