PARC’s Vision for Agrobusiness

The current situation is very conducive for rural and urban agri-entrepreneurship. The last 3 years data show that a lot of young educated people have turned to agri-entrepreneurship. Scope of this young class has also increased in the field of agriculture as well as in allied agricultural sectors. There is an emergence of start-ups and innovations in this field. The most serious problem is that the farmers do not get the right market price for their goods. This problem is due to the planting of the same seedlings without predicting the market.

There is a need to look at the face of the agricultural business side and come up with plans for agro-business from planting to harvesting with effective financial support. For this, as a PARC, we are trying to set up FPO's, activate inactive FPO's and integrate active FPO's. Also, providing training programs to the farmers and new entrepreneurs and to create awareness among the farmers about the government schemes and how to implement the same.

Nitin Phuge

Research Scholar

[email protected]