Analysing the performance of Urban Cooperative Banks in Maharashtra

Urban cooperative banks are the part of socio-economic movement which is initiated with the idealism of cooperation principle. They are performing a significant role in credit delivery to the unbanked segment of the economy, SMEs and middle class. But from the past few years there has been increment in the problems of UCB’s. Following are the main objectives for conducting this study:

  • To analyse the financial performance & efficiency of the UCB’s
  • Find out the factors responsible for  unprofessionalism in UCB’s.
  • Analyse the efficiency of risk mitigation practices followed by UCB’s
  • Reasons behind the rising Gross Non Performing Assets

For the same, we have looked into basic structure and functioning of UCB’s, gone through some case studies, working committees report, RBI’s reports on UCB’s and also some standard research papers on performance and efficiency of banks. We have collected responses on our questionnaire from experts in the banking field. The remaining work is to apply techniques / methods for analysing performance of UCB’s in Maharashtra. Also draw some strong interpretations from their annual reports on their current status. Collect more responses on our questionnaire from experts and employees of UCB’s and from that responses draw some conclusions for policy formulation. If necessary, formulate some suggestions for the same.

Somnath Ingole

Research Scholar

[email protected]