Enhancing Life Through Policy
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About Us

Policy Advocacy Research Centre (PARC), a unit of the Vivek PARC Foundation is an independent think-tank and socio-economic development-oriented implementation agency that engages in progressive impact-driven policy intervention & impact assessment. It focuses on building dialogue for impact with members of Central & State Governments, bureaucracy, corporates, small and medium scale enterprises, entrepreneurs, domain experts, academicians, NGOs, other concerned institutions and individuals. PARC aims to engage, structure, study, evaluate & revise policies, reforms and initiate action to positively impact society in the interest of the nation and citizens which is underpinned by the ethos of Nation-First approach.

The focus in policy areas ranges from economic development, urban & rural development, human capital development, political development & governance, solid waste management, food & nutrition security, art & culture, industry and more to understand socio-economic issues and suggest action-oriented solutions that can shape the growth trajectory of the economy and contribute to nation’s development.

PARC engages in dialogue and further action with emerging territories within the country & developing nations to catalyse their socio-economic growth through technology & knowledge transfer, trade, support infrastructural development and an economic multiplier effect through investments. This is with the intent to bring about socio-economic benefits for stakeholders in that region enabling the creation of new grounds for growth on the state, national and international front.

Our objective is to spearhead initiatives towards Driving the Nation Ahead through Engagement for Policy Development, Project Facilitation & Implementation leading to Stakeholder Empowerment.

Our Expertise new

Policy Formulation & Research

Policy formulation and research to deliver pragmatic suggestions backed by comprehensive stakeholder mapping, credible primary & secondary data and research driven exercise

Designing Interventions & Implementation

Designing the intervention (including
legislative, market & federal structure)
for implementing the policy to
ensure desired outcome

Evaluation & Assessment

PARC undertakes sectoral evaluation both at the central and state level,
policy impact assessment, financial and empirical evaluation of properties,
assessment of budgets etcetera using relevant econometric models and tools

Stakeholder Engagement

Creating a structured dialogue between various stakeholders on policy matters at State and Central level for catalysing socio-economic development

Human Capital Empowerment

Enhancing the efficiency of public institutions through training and skill development programmes leading to widening the scope for employability and entrepreneurship.


PARC undertakes advocacy for
policies and initiatives that act as enablers for socio-economic development and prosperous future which benifits both the people and the country in the large national interest.