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Division engages with stakeholders working in Environment and Sustainable Development Areas to identify the prominent gaps and provide problem-specific solutions in order to develop strategies & create change in the sector through coherent mechanisms like research and advocacy.

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Vision: Pioneering Tomorrow’s Sustainable Paradigm: Redefining the Landscape through Innovative Thinking, Visionary Insight, and Transformative Interventions, to Shape India in Environmental Harmony and Prosperity.

Mission: The mission of the Environment and Sustainable Development Division is to drive positive change by designing and implementing impactful interventions that prioritize environmental health and sustainable development. Through rigorous research, collaborative partnerships, and effective advocacy, we aim to influence policies that promote ecological balance and economic well-being. We are dedicated to fostering dialogue, generating innovative solutions, and leveraging comprehensive data to develop strategies that empower communities and organizations to actively participate in sustainable practices

Key Functions of the Environment and Sustainable Development Division

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Ongoing Key Intervention Designed By PARC

The Safai Mitra project uniquely addresses the complexities of the solid waste management sector. Aligning with circular economy goals, this initiative strengthens Safai Mitra as the primary workforce, creating livelihood opportunities and reducing healthcare costs.

The model’s scalability and regional adaptability ensure a broader impact, fostering collaboration with the important stakeholders for effective grassrootslevel training. PARC emphasizes a paradigm shift, prioritizing social protection, dialogue, and fundamental work principles.

Key Stakeholders in collaboration for Safai Mitra