North Eastern Region

Work Undertaken in Tripura Since 2021

Nestled in Northeast India, Tripura is a land of diverse cultures, stunning landscapes & rich history. Given a range of factors, PARC opines that it could progress towards becoming the ‘Emerging Gateway to the Indian North-East’. Known for its vibrant festivals, lush greenery & warm hospitality, it offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity. PARC decided to work across various sectors in Tripura to ensure holistic growth & socio-economic development of the state. Sabroom, located in southern Tripura near the India-Bangladesh border, holds significant strategic importance. Its proximity to the Chittagong Port in Bangladesh positions it as a potential gateway for trade between India’s Northeast and the rest of India, alongside Southeast Asia. Sabroom’s development as a trade hub could enhance regional connectivity, bolstering economic growth in the landlocked Northeast region. Additionally, it serves as a vital transit point for goods entering India from Bangladesh and beyond, facilitating trade and commerce. As PARC strongly believes that Sabroom’s strategic location underscores its potential to become a key driver of economic development & regional integration in Northeast India, we decided to focus more on governance. Furthermore, PARC used multi-sectoral approach in Tripura fostering a robust economy, enhancing the quality of life and propelling the state towards comprehensive development.

PARC has undertaken the following work in the state of Tripura :

  1. Primary Engagement: On 4th June 2021, PARC organised a webinar to explore Investment Opportunities in Tripura. The title of the webinar was ‘Invest for Growth in India: Potential Multi-sectoral Opportunities in Tripura’
  1. MoU for Engagement: On 22nd September 2021, PARC signed an MoU with the Directorate of Industries & Commerce, Government of Tripura with the objective of developing, catalysing and driving growth in trade, investment and policy intervention for the State of Tripura.
  1. Attracting Investments to Tripura: On 12th November 2021 PARC organised an investor summit titled ‘Tripura – The Emerging Gateway to the Indian North East’ at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) for which the bureaucratic heads of various departments of the Tripura Government were also present.
  1. Official Mandate to Frame Policies: PARC received a letter from the Directorate of Industries & Commerce, Government of Tripura (No. DI/TIDA/4(38)/2021/Pad File/12,890) stating the requirement of framing a few policies which would pave the way for the structuring of sectorial requirements and helping in undertaking decisions in the right direction.
  1. Investor Engagement: PARC attended a summit titled ’Destination Tripura’ along with the Chamber for Advancement of Small & Medium Businesses (CASMB) at Agartala, Tripura during 9th – 10th of December 2021. This summit was organised to discuss potential investment and business plans.
  1. Submitted Policies for Promulgation: PARC submitted the two policies to the Directorate of Industries & Commerce, Government of Tripura namely, ‘Tripura State Bamboo Policy-2022’ & ‘Tripura Integrated Logistics Policy-2022’
  1. Strategic Interventions: In collaboration with Tripura Forest Department and The Habitats Trust, PARC conducted a rapid assessment for understanding the population of key mammalian species in protected areas of Tripura. The study was conducted from January to April 2024 in Rowa, Sepahijala, Trishna and Gumti wildlife sanctuaries across the state. The study involved systematic camera trapping and line transects across the sanctuaries.