Economics & Econometrics

Division Expertise:

  • To deliver action-oriented suggestions & solutions backed by comprehensive stakeholder mapping approach, credible data & research driven exercise

  • Undertakes sectoral evaluation, both at the central & state level, policy impact assessment, financial & empirical evaluation of properties, assessment of budgets etc., using relevant econometric models & tools

Key Milestones

  1. White Paper: Strategic importance of Restoration of 200% tax deduction for Breeding and Bio-technology oriented Private-Sector Driven R&D expenses within the Seed Sector for enhancing the competitiveness of Indian farmers and the seed industry

  2. UTTAR PRADESH: NEW INDIA’S GROWTH ENGINE – a detailed study & evaluation of the socio-economic development of sectors & districts in Uttar Pradesh
  1. Making India Atmanirbhar in Oilseeds Production – Some of the key suggestions submitted through this study report reflected in the National Mission on Edible Oil – Oil Palm launched in 2021 with an investment of INR 11, 040 crores by the Government of India.
  1. Financial & empirical analysis of the 10 Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) properties – report titled ‘Revenue Optimisation for 10 MTDC Properties’
  1. Detailed Study: ‘The impact of the proposed ban on a list of 27 pesticides from an all-stakeholders’ perspective’

  2. Suggestions for Environment Impact Assessment, Foreign Trade Policy