To contribute to the development of the State of Goa through research-oriented solutions to intricate challenges, the Policy Advocacy Research Centre has initiated the Goa State Development Division. This division focuses on ideating & implementing complex projects by emphasizing stakeholder-oriented research practices involving primary research, secondary research, and ground zero analysis.

Key Areas of Interventions  

  • Stakeholder-oriented Socio-economic Impact Assessment
  • Capacity Building
  • Education
  • Covert research study
  • Community-driven research
  • Industry-relevant Skill Training
  • Multistate Industrial visits
  • Policy formulation & Advocacy
  • Research Reports
  • Stakeholder Forum Events.
  • Media Engagement (Print, TV and Social Media)

Image reference- Socio-economic impact assessment study(Mining) in the remote areas of Goa with Market Research Team(AEON).